Reminder for Lost and Found

Retrieve your valuable items

Updated Monday January 8, 2018 by El Cerrito Youth Baseball.

At the end of each season, we find our bins overflowing with valuable items that players or parents have left on our play fields.  This is a reminder that items lost or found can be listed under announcements to the left of our home page in the "Lost and Found" section.  Please use this section to communicate items that you have lost or found.

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Ellie Blue commented on January 8, 8:20pm
"Found at Castro after 01/06/18 weekend evaluations: a set of two keys with a pink band; contact Ellie at (510)236-2300"
Ellie Blue commented on January 8, 8:21pm
"Found at Castro after 01/06.18 weekend evaluations: a HydroFlask thermos; contact Ellie at (510)236-2300"
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